SOUSA -12 Fishing For Gold w/ Zick Zack

SOUSA -12 Fishing For Gold w/ Zick Zack


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FISHING FOR GOLD is a collaboration between Rotterdam and Amsterdam especially for Operator. Radha lives in Amsterdam and is a part of the trio ZickZack. He has a great resumé which contains Red Light Radio broadcasts and warming up the crowd in Paradiso. His love for music will bring you from electronic beats to hip-hop, broken beats to African disco.

Sousa is a well-known face at Operator. He played his favorite tracks so many times at Operator. But also at great events like North Sea Jazz Festival, IFFR, and Festival Magia. His selection contains funk, fusion, soul and brazil grooves.

Sousa and Radha will play their favorite gems and golden nuggets from the past en future. Let's start fishing!