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A collaboration between and the Honours Visual Culture from WDKA in Rotterdam and Operator:
Over the course of the last few months, we collectively investigated the notion of ‘Alienation’ while considering Labour, Gender, and Race. This broadcast is a compilation of all the collective efforts made by the students to further expand and understand those terms and ideas.


1. Sonic Space Tour
This project consists of audio-visual experiments that aim to define space and its connection to sound. A sonic tour will guide you through different rooms, areas, and places.
Composed by: Anke Diederen, Puck Hofwegen, Milah van Zuilen, Michael de Jong, Jordi van den Nouweland & Pleun Geurts.

2. What's your identity?

How does fashion shape your identity? What are the pictures that stick to your mind and can you imagine new ones? Starting from an environmental concern, each of us took a different direction while trying to interpret our times and imagine what the future will bring.
Composed by: Elda Miniero, Stacey Davans, Jill Enserink, Romi Terlouw, Jill Vincente, Quinty Rasidin, Rosa Bosch.

The Advertising Universe
Advertisements. You see them everywhere, you hear them all the time. Through various types of mediums, we seem to be constantly exposed to sources that try to sell us something, to appeal, to send a message. This compilation of recordings was made in order to shine a light on multiple social topics and the life around us. It does not sell a product, but an idea. It is made to make you think, embarking on a journey of audio fragments. Audio that may have gone under your radar, may be drowned by the endless stream of information that’s being broadcast to us on a daily basis. Please tune in and absorb the sounds of a day in the life of a woman, sounds that will fool your ears from what you might expect them to be, sounds of an alienated feeling when surrounded by a language you don't speak, sounds of over-consumerism and its effects on mother nature, sounds that call black lives matter and long for a change, sounds of feminism acts and the demand of equality and lastly, sounds of an AI trying to figure out the place of men and masculinity in our society.
Composed by: Fleur Oomen, Milou Karlijn Jacobs, Ruben Vijverberg, Tjalle Timmermans, Hajar Gaamouz, Ţîganaş F, Felicia, Rotem Sheffer.

4. The Filter Bubble Punchers
In The Filter Bubble Punchers the makers give their own audiovisual take on how digital technology, algorithms, and data extractivism shape the world and their lives.
Composed by: Jeffrey Arts, Romana van Marrewijk, Sarvenaz Manesh, Maria Mombers, Sylvian Tjin, Julian Crestian, Richard van 't Hof.

5. Fungus

The notions of consumerism, memeification, romanticizing, spectatorship, impact, home, villainization, exoticism, and death have subverted and conditioned our beliefs like fungal proliferation. They inform each other and yet, have cultivated their own entity within our lives and are being artistically examined in nine individual segments.
Composed by: Sharon Verhoeks, Mila van Rossum, Hannah van den Elzen, Adara Godschalk, Zwaan van der Helm, Laura Husen, Cheyenne Van Dreumel, Katta Rasche, Lauren Raaijmakers.

Sexual Bureau of Investigation
We are the sexuality group. Within this group and this project, we explore body positivity, gender labels, the grotesque of the female body, toxic masculinity, and sexual desire. We are interested in what makes a person feel sexy and on the contrary, what makes them feel unsecured, how social media defines transgender people, how we hypersexualize some people, but only those who fit the ideal picture, and many other related topics. You will now see our interpretation of these topics using both sound and visuals.
Composed by: Titta Mäkäräinen, Eva van de Sande, Mariana Gusso Nickel, Lisanne den Otter, Floor van Tongeren, Nastia Osadchenko, Ines Vrataric and Yoana Dotina.

7. Untitled.identity
Collective Ipse takes you on a journey along various works investigating the concept of identity. As a collective, we contain a great variety of views and practices, which enabled us to disclose a wide perspective on what “identity” can mean. For these vibrations resonate the frequencies rooted in ourselves.
Composed by: Nika Rens, Eveline van der Duim, Daniel Smith, Loïs de Vries, Charlotte Verweij, Charles Mensach, Nina Agbele, Can Erel, Maïa Simišic, Jess Yafa van den Berg.