Roodkapje Radio (HCA Takeover) - 05

Roodkapje Radio (HCA Takeover) - 05

hajo doorn louis van der waal

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Roodkapje Radio (HCA Takeover) - 05

Gabber with Hajo Doorn & Louis van der Waal

From the program ‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’ by HCA-artist Lavinia Xausa springs the desire to move deeper into the culture of Gabber music. We invited Louis van der Waal and Hajo Doorn - The producers of ‘Gabber, de Hardcore Opera’ - to give us their take on one of the most notorious subculture to have hailed from Rotterdam. In this two hour radio show, the duo will guide you through their interests and track selection in the realms of Gabber.