Roffa Mon Amour, what's on?

Roffa Mon Amour, what's on?

lisa smith

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Roffa Mon Amour 2021 Open Air Film Festival 9th edition Wednesday August 4 - Sunday August 15 AVL Mundo Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Welcome to your most magical open air film festival in Rotterdam. For 12 days in August the festival celebrates cinematic talent from around the world, presenting films at night at a playful location. Roffa Mon Amour thrills and moves you with a selection of colourful, daring films. We present 7 New Makers, live Cinema Concerts and 4 Cinematic Favourites. From the playful concrete art garden that is AVL Mundo, you travel from Tunis to Hong Kong to back again from New York to Rotterdam.

This show with talks will guide you through the festival program. We’re happy to help you find your new favorite film! Discover the full program by clicking here.

  • The New Jury members Zedd, Ari and Vera about the New Makers Competition
  • Producers Alberta Balsam and DJ Overdose about the Cinema Concerts on August 12
  • Film lover Théotime about Water Lilies on August 15
  • Artistic director Fake Me Hard Ine Gevers about Gattaca on August 14

Hosted by Lisa Smith, founder of Roffa Mon Amour