Radio 80k TAKEOVER(Munich) - 01

Radio 80k TAKEOVER(Munich) - 01

dj trompete knowem

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Radio 80000 Takeover: GNTRM

GNTRM is the host of the monthly radio show Musikalische Gruppentherapie streamed at Radio80000. The shows‘ title translates to musical group therapy and it aims at providing a soundscape for relaxation, regeneration and stimulation of curiosity. Tools to achieve this are vintage records from all over the world that have successfully proven to create laid-back vibes and blissful smiles.

Radio 80000 Takeover: DJ Trompete

Dj Trompete might mix half time French Guiana boogie with South Croydon live snare jungle and vice versa, who knows…

Radio 80000 Takeover: Knowem

Knowem aka Noëm is 1/3 of Radio Lakritz. A monthly radio show at Munich´s Radio 8000 playing a colorful selection of music from all genres.

Radio 80000 Takeover: Island Solo

Coming from a background in dub and reggae Island Solo plays records between percussion and bass mostly from the UK.