POING RADIO - 02 w/ Faustin, Derrick Crichlow & DIORA

POING RADIO - 02 w/ Faustin, Derrick Crichlow & DIORA

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19:00-20:00 Faustin & Derrick Crichlow

20:00-21:00 DIORA

How to become reorientated when feeling lost? In the first hour, Faustin is exploring afro-diasporic longings through futuristic electronic sounds. Taking you on an adventure to what is beyond while envisioning places to belong.

For this episode, Faustin is joined by Derrick Crichlow. Derrick Crichlow is a Curaçao born and Rotterdam-based designer and visual artist. During this episode they will both talk about their research projects, questioning how to find connectivity with their afro-Caribbean roots.

In the second hour, DIORA a multidisciplinary artist and a rising star in Amsterdam's clubbing scene is taking over.