Place : The Netherlands w/ Blusher - 01

Place : The Netherlands w/ Blusher - 01

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Place : The Netherlands is a compilation made to raise funds for Open Closet LGBT Netherlands. The album was curated by queer activist Axmed Amiin Maxamed and DJ Jasmín. It includes tracks of local artists: Accuraat, Blusher, Cuboid Kiss, Dim Garden, DJ Bone, DutchAfro, Jarlentji, Loradeniz, Global Mind Surveillance, Pasiphae, Raj, Ranie Ribeiro, Rural Juror and Zohar.

Place : is a non-profit project created by New York label Air Texture, which aims to move the thinking on electronic and dance music as more than the party, but as a platform that socially activates. The project creates country or regionally specific electronic music compilations where the proceeds are donated to local groups working on social causes.

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Tune in for this special radioshow with: Blusher, Loradeniz, Deborah Sumter and James King