Westside Party w/ Pantonepapi - 05

Westside Party w/ Pantonepapi - 05


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''The definition of a party is a gathering of people of having a good time or celebrating an occasion, or a group who do things to get her or a group of people who share the same political ideals''

Westside party'' is an ode and a retrospective to Amsterdam West Osdorp & Aker which have contributed to the growth and development of Pantonepapi - Malachi Manukure. The reference is however also to the block party culture which at the time of the birth of HipHop was enormously influential and created a strong social cohesion. The concept of the block party is connective and loving, just like Pantonepapi. During this radio show, we go deeper into Pantonepapi's mind and he shares his ideas through music like a politician shares a party program.