Orco - Soil Records 2nd Anniversary Special

Orco - Soil Records 2nd Anniversary Special


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ORCO(Alex, Fill-Lex Records)Collector since the age of 14, he starts his collectionlinked to the world of rock, hardrock, metal and punk, starting its journey with its first stamp on the year 2008 with "La Crisalida Records", from thistime begins to soak up more soundssynthetic, as well as dark with post-punk, deathrock, after punk, and starts with sessions like thisin small pubs in the city of Valencia. Hiselectronics journey began six years agowith sporadic sessions in these sameelectronics close to ebm sounds, dark-synth,minimal-synthand minimal-wave. Their sessions are usually quite eclectic, mixing eighties sounds with current themes. He has been part of for several years in the Flexidiscos vinyl shop, as well as the Tagomago Fest during editions II and III, where he has been learning from several other styles of electronics more recent. He currently runs Fill-Lex Records, a label based on thevinyl and cassette editions of sounds close to the EBM/Dark Techno, passing through the darkest Electro and the Minimal Synth