Operator 5 Year Anniversary | at Weelde

Operator 5 Year Anniversary | at Weelde

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Celebrate 5 years of Operator with us at Weelde on April 23. Between 15:00 and 22:00 we will broadcast live radio from Weelde. Tune in, or drop by for shows by Vreemde Vogels, Cardboard Lamb, Mixed Bag @ AATG, and The Grand Groove w/ DJ Git Hyper & Mike. In the first two hours, we will invite different partners and residents with whom we will talk, look back on the first 5 years and discuss future plans.

At 23:00, we will start with our club night program:

De Zandbar

EILEEN,Mo Jakob • Sekan & Lion Kojo • Tienson • Charmaine • DJ Klapsalon

De Blauwe Zaal

Ian Martin • Arrocha & Kimmah • Gamma Intel & Alberta Balsam • Jetti & Post

Het Poolcafé
The Fluid Druid • Jony Trash & Gary van Niks • Zwits

A big thanks to all of the listener's studio managers, partners, and everyone else involved who helped, and are still helping, in the process of making Operator possible.