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Occult - 10


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Occult AKA Daan van Essen, is a music lover since he got a cd from his father when he was 8 years old. When he was 15 years old he was going to party’s with his nephew. After this he found a love for clubbing and Techno music. These party’s made him think, ‘i want to do this as well’. So he did and started playing Techno music. Artists like Chris Liebing, Speedy J and Oscar mulero where inspirations form him. After this period he dived into the deeper sound of techno music. Abdullah rashim was one of his biggest inspirations. When he grow older he found out that this sound didnt fit his personality anymore. After this he was clubbing a lot in the Rotterdam based club BAR. Here where DJ’s playing like David Vunk, Marsman and I-F. This is now the biggist inspirations for his sound. Off course you can still hear the influences from the other styles in his sets.