No Hay Banda - 07 w/ Luke Cohlen

No Hay Banda - 07 w/ Luke Cohlen

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No Hay Banda Radio, curating alternative electronic soundtracks for our favourite cult movies.

'Imagine golden hayfields rushing by, sunset chromatics gracing the eye, romantic old town walks, existential talks, squirrels in the pines, small flowers in pavement cracks, the gaze of a silver moon and silhouettes of rooftop cats.'

Luke Cohlen is the next guest for this edition of Radio. Although he’s a big Lynch fan as well he decided to do a completely different kind of movie for his show; Richard Linklaters 1995 romantic drama Before Sunrise. Balancing on the edge of being philosophical and cliché, but a dream like state of consciousness enables to explore new territories throughout the story. Now it’s up to Luke to see which paths he’ll take.