No Friends -12 w/ Helmond Lang & Passion DEEZ

No Friends -12 w/ Helmond Lang & Passion DEEZ

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Helmond Lang:
Helmond Lang is a Rotterdam-based DJ and one of the new promising names in the city's nightlife scene. Being born and raised in Helmond, she started modeling at the age of sixteen. Inspired by her international career in de fashion industry, she started styling and casting herself. As a stylist she combines elements of hip-hop culture with different styles and garments, always looking for contrast and balance in her creations. As a casting director she has great understanding of discovering unique, unfamiliar faces that she believes are important in today’s industry. This reflects her persona as a DJ, as she was taught to spin from her friends of NoFriends collective. Combining uplifting sounds from hip-hop with jazz, UK garage, house, jungle, and dub she knows how to create unique and personal sets. Helmond Lang is all about the love of uniting people by making them bounce on the rhythm of her vibing music.

Passion Deez
The inimitable Passion DEEZ [he/him] plays an alchemy of bass-centric sounds from 2-step and dark garage to instrumental grime and jungle. Coming from a decade-long background in pirate radio and dubstep parties, DEEZ focuses on playing darker grooves and more percussive riddims bringing a unique perspective to the Dutch dance culture. Pushing the London sound and his peers' contemporary productions, DEEZ always turns up with a bag full of tricks and a story to tell. Pushing pseudo-nostalgic vocals into his bass-infused sets as well as playing a key role in Patta Soundsystem, DEEZ knows just how to get the people going. Picking up the USB stick and blowing sentimental moments off forgotten wax, DEEZ toured the Dutch radio stations like a bat out of hell and reclaimed a space at the table with his refreshing curation. Playing a set pretty much every week during a pandemic made DEEZ hard to miss while we were all sat at home reminiscing our beloved club scene. He now regularly plays at venues, stages and stations all over Europe.