No Friends - 11 w/ Phantasy and o` (Nanno Simonis)

No Friends - 11 w/ Phantasy and o` (Nanno Simonis)

peter groovin

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PhantasyVincent's/phantasy's practice is taking many different forms but comes together under the term ''storytelling''. Utilizing media such as sculpture, animation, and performance to shape experiences and objects, is often inspired by humankind's ritualistic practices. His visual aesthetic has a lot of common ground with his sound aesthetic: expect spacy ambient, tribal, and breakbeat with psy influences.

o`Behind the abstract moniker o` lies an exploration of order and chaos. Channeling external waves of energy through the world of sound. Sustaining a layered appreciation for sound to be many different things for different people.

Nofriends is a collective platform for creative like-minded individuals that range from music producers, DJs, rappers, vocalists, fashion designers, graphic designers, photographers, builders, etc. Nofriends build community by connecting makers through providing online and offline presence, facilitating spaces and events to perform their craft, and meet other inspiring creatives.

Each month a Nofriends resident will perform a DJ set at the Nofriends Radioshow and invite an artist, producer, or DJ that inspires, touches, or intrigues them. Expect genre-crossing experimental electronic music that triggers the mind and explores the boundaries of music outside the beaten track.