Niels Trotsenburg - 03

Niels Trotsenburg - 03

niels trotsenburg

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When I was 13 I went to the last Mega Rave party in the legendary Energiehal in Rotterdam. It was my first rave and after that, I was hooked. The electronic music resonated so deeply that I knew I wanted to become a DJ. Earlier I had been making mixtapes at home recording Stadsradio Rotterdam shows and mixing Eurodance like SNAP and 2 Unlimited. I started collecting records when I was 14 and earn money with all kinds of jobs to get proper turntables. I started to go out and went to clubs like Off_Corso, Now&Wow, Nighttown and Las Palmas. During this time I met Nico van Meurs (Modular). Sometimes we ran into each other by accident on these parties and danced together till the early morning. Nico invited me to a great group of likeminded people and so I joined the SESSIONS collective in 2011. From that moment on SESSIONS evolved into Modular and has been growing ever since with love, passion, patience, and dedication. Starting collecting from an early age makes you move through all kinds of dance genres. From hardcore to techno to trance, minimal, house, breakbeat, electro, EBM, disco, wave and so on. There is beauty in all of it and I try to bring a mix of those energies together.