Mogus - 02

Mogus - 02


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With more than a decade of experience as a DJ and promotor Mogus, knows his way through the underground scenes in Antwerp, Belgium. The diversity of these scenes has had a big influence on Mogus. Through his sets, elements of different genres and various sound textures can be heard, creating a sound that is unique to Mogus. His inexhaustible hunger for new music has recently taken him on a musical journey through the realms of dubbed- tripped out techno. As a promotor, Mogus is the driving force behind the Capital Clubnacht events at Club Capital. These are the in-house club nights that are held every month. In previous editions, artists such as Marie Montexier(DE), Marsman(NL), Stellar Om Source(BE), Innershades(BE), Zeta Lys(NL), Sara Dziri(BE), Zephyr(FR), and Carlito(BE) have performed.