Maus (aka Souri) - 01

Maus (aka Souri) - 01

maus (aka souri)

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Maus (aka Souris) has been playing in the Amsterdam underground and illegal rave scene since 2010, which gave him a great deal of experience. The first parties which were organised in the H7 warehouse, as well as a closing set at one of the first Reaktor events were some of the highlights.

2014 was a turning point, as he felt that just playing and making techno was too repetitive for him. As he started digging into old Aux 88 and Anthony Rother tracks he started to find a way to mix different styles into one ‘Maus’ style.

At this moment Maus regularly plays at club Jack in Amsterdam, as well as the upcoming (illegal) rave parties organised by Kraft Und Licht. But above all, the most important thing according to him is sharing the same love and passion for underground dance music.