Los Bangeles Radio - 17 w/ Dagger DX & Urvinho&Faya

Los Bangeles Radio - 17 w/ Dagger DX & Urvinho&Faya

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Los Bangeles Radio is hosted by Urvinho and Lee Funksta, after a series of shows by DAGGER DX and Jaël. They will take you on this continuous journey through their musical spectrum. Los Bangeles was born and raised in Rotterdam and it isn’t just a title. It is a definition of the feeling; embracing the sunny, inspiring, optimistic, and sometimes cloudy spirit of the U.S. West Coast. In January 2011, Los Bangeles developed into an online magazine passionately dedicated to telling the stories of creative individuals and innovative brands, which you can find on a global scale. Its music branch is rooted in in the world of Beats, Bass, Hiphop, Funk and Jazz, with focus on events, a DJ-team, music production and now its own radio show.