Lieke TR - 10

Lieke TR - 10

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Music has always been the main focus in Lieke’s life. She started buying House Party cassettes at the age of six and spent all her time discovering a broad range of music.

When she stayed in LA she spent lots of time in the studio and discovered her love for sharing music in the clubs. She came back to her homebase in Amsterdam to take the next steps.

In her short career Lieke has her own show at Operator Radio, multiple shows at Red Light Radio, Marktkantine , Shelter Amsterdam, Radio Radio, Mono, Amsterdam Open Air, Belgium, Germany and more. During COVID she did multiple radioshows and podcasts all over the globe, ready to dive deeper into the international airwaves.

During her sets you can expect a divers electronic spectrum w/ a touch of Detroit, Chicago, Acid, UK, Electro & more