Late Horizon - 05 w/ Jeff Revolución

Late Horizon - 05 w/ Jeff Revolución

late horizon

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The show is called Late Horizon, referring to a phase of history in western South America right before the Spanish conquest, during the rule of the Incas. I’m half Dutch half Peruvian, born and bred in and around Rotterdam, and for as long as I can remember I have been inspired and fascinated by my Peruvian roots and culture, especially in its music. In Latin America, historians used the name Horizon to point out a phase of cultural stability and political unity. Adding Late to it indicates that a drastic change is coming. With my show, I want to capture that energy and channel my inspiration into it. A horizon is a space where two worlds meet, the earth and the sky, and in my show, it’s the place where cultures collide and merge, namely the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, Western and Latin American culture, which also has been my life growing up with two cultures, Dutch and Peruvian. I want to create my own world by making an eclectic mix of music, highlighting non-Western folk or traditional music, mixing it with more electronic outfits that try to mix both types of music, but also with loads of other types of (electronic) music that originated in the West, but also have their roots in other places of the world. This makes us all connected in a way, and I want to spread that message of love and unity.