Shared Compiler w/  IO | International Womxn's Day

Shared Compiler w/ IO | International Womxn's Day


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Streamed live from 'Time is the new space.'

This special mix was compiled by IO from tracks of femxle producers, which were in turn selected by femxle artists and djs, for International Womxn's Day.


Celia aka Mummy. \\\ Wuthering Heights ||| Kate Bush
ARYNA \\\. Liquiddity ||| Aurora Halal
IO /// Chlo in the rave ||| PEACH
Ljiljana Radovac /// Reclaim ||| Bloody Mary
Nelly Dragon Sxc Saloon Sea ||| Roza Terenzi & Saoirse
Kleingeld /// Sea. ||| Delia Derbyshire
Nala Brown. \\\ Womankind’s Beauty Ft. Tonina ||| Bergsonist
COO ///. XTC Acid ||| SOPHIE
Camgirlxx \\\ Burn the Empire |||. Ani Klang
Steph Bayes /// Cherry Jubilee |||. Cowgirl Clue
Ofra. /// I’m Nin’ Alu ||| Ofra Haza
Loma Doom \\\ Tanz im morgen mantel ||| Eva Geist
RJM VANDERHEYDEN /// Acidic male. ||| Hannya
Annika Müller /\\ You could be more as you are ||| Saäda Bonaire