Illuminator w/ Privacy - 05

Illuminator w/ Privacy - 05


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Sooner or later I was bound to invite my friend Privacy to join me on my ILLUMINATOR show.
Tonight we’re taking it down to BRET where Alex Ranzino will be joining us at the 3rd ILLUMINATOR night.

Illuminator a show hosted by Afra. With special guests coming over every episode. Under the moniker of Afra, she immediately caught the attention of Amsterdam night clubs such as Studio 80 and played at festivals like Myteryland (2006), but the time just wasn’t right. Flash forward ten years later, making jewelry became her biggest passion, Afra Amba felt she needed to get back on track with playing music. Nowadays her DJ-sets – vinyl only - is filled with electro, techno, and acid; heading straight back to that 90’s sound.