Ikävä Pii - 01

Ikävä Pii - 01

ikävä pii

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kävä Pii is a researcher; musician, producer and DJ, co-founder of the avant-garde label TOO MUCH INFORMATION and Roaming Radio, an outernational music platform.

His experimental fourth-world selections are limitless explorations that display his musical omnivorism and have been aired on radio shows like Threads, Red Light Radio, Kiosk, or TEDER.FM, and hosted in venues like Brilliant Corners and The Cause in London, The Block in Tel Aviv and De School in Amsterdam.

Ikävä Pii is about to release music on various imprints, both solo and with collaborative projects like The Levantines, a 4-piece-band (with Xen and Tai Rona from Tel Aviv and his label mate Piropiro) who will debut on Ivan Smagghe’s Les Disques de La Mort in 2020.