Identified Patient - 07

Identified Patient - 07

identified patient

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Identified Patient live on Operator for the coming hour.

With a trademark sound that drifts between the experimental sides of wave, techno, and acid, it wasn’t long before his music gained the attention of Rotterdam based labels Common Thread, Pinkman, and later London’s Brokntoys. These outlets would become the platforms for his early releases which were recognized as straight hits in several charts and clubs throughout Europe and beyond. At present Identified Patient continues to work closely with Sophie du Palais, who’s dark and dirty vocals are a recurring feature throughout his music, alongside several other projects such as his recently formed alias Stallion Stud. More of this to unfold in the very near future…

The future looks incredibly bright for Identified Patient with a compelling list of forthcoming releases and a seriously extensive touring schedule for 2019 …the desire to spread his musical anecdotes into the cosmos and beyond is stronger than ever!