Gurney Champion - 39

Gurney Champion - 39


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Artist in heart and soul, he mixes the sound of today with the sound of tomorrow. In his sets, he blends RnB and Hip Hop with House, UK, and Disco music. Nevertheless, he also isn’t afraid to surprise the crowd by playing African or Brazilian music or bringing a percussionist to play alongside him during his set. He draws inspiration from the beginning of this millennium, pop music, culture, and contemporary art. Always gives everything he has, whether he plays for fifteen minutes or for three hours. Gurney-Champion is a prominent figure in the Amsterdam underground club scene, but also regularly gets invited to play in Berlin, Manchester, Paris, Antwerp, and other European cities, or festivals like Lowlands and Down the Rabbit Hole. Besides the club scene, Gurney-Champion also hosted several radio shows on Red Light Radio, NTS Radio, and Rinse FM.