Garçon Taupe - 11

Garçon Taupe - 11

garçon taupe

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Roaming around in the Dutch underground since the late nineties, Garçon Taupe recorded his debut "Wittenburg EP" in Rude 66's Triple Six Lounge in 2009. The EP brought a mix of Italo, synthpop, electro, and acid and appeared as part of Narrominded Split LP #4, with Legowelt taking care of the flipside. In 2017, Garcon Taupe recorded the acid-drenched EP The White Spider on the reel-to-reel machine that he managed to secure from Rude 66 a while after recording the Wittenburg EP on it. The White Spider, inspired by Heinrich Harrer's eponymous book, was released on Enfant Terrible sublabel Gooiland Elektro and sold out within three months. It was followed up in 2018 with Kiklop EP, a selection of tracks recorded between 2013 and 2017, leaning more on the electro side of things.