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Extra Extra: Unspeakable Hours

Extra Extra: Unspeakable Hours

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Extra Extra is an international cultural platform for eroticism and culture, that includes an online platform, a print magazine, commissioned artworks and live events to celebrate mundane and sensual city life.

Where love stands for decreasing risk, reducing tension and neutralizing danger, lust and eroticism stand for longing, vulnerability, pleasure and being playful. Eros means liveliness. Extra Extra cares for the sounds, voices, whispers, and sighs that transmit the sensual stories of a blazing imaginative city life.

Warmly yours, Extra Extra creates an alternative vocabulary for the erotic, a corporeal lexicon that resonates with a silvery and fluid tone made of roses and razor blades.

This episode:

Margo van de Linde reads the erotic short story ‘Newark’ by Karin Amatmoekrim, performance collective De Trans//missie give a preview of their performance ‘Please Enjoy Your Stay’, Medusa songs by artist Egle Budvytyte, music compiled by Loes Verstappen.

Hosted by: Jesse van Oosten & Eva Van Breugel