Etane - 01

Etane - 01


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ETANE is an alias for Evgeniy Tanaisov, a Russian-born Germany-based producer & DJ. He is the head of the Intertrax music community & a co-curator of the Oberwave community. Also, Etane is the founding member of the synthpop duo Getsuga Tenshou. Balancing between New Beat, Italo Disco, EBM & House ETANE refers listeners to musical aesthetics of the 80s, urban themes, and esoteric, ethnic motives. As a solo act, ETANE has releases on Ombra International, Sulk Magic, Samo Records, Logical Records & Critical Monday.Throughout his DJ career, ETANE has played at such significant venues as Moscow’s Mutabor, St.Petersburg’s Blank & Minsk’s Modul sharing one scene with Kris Baha, La Mverte, Theus Mago, Séxstasy & others.