Embodiment - 01  w/ Ron L & Tromp

Embodiment - 01 w/ Ron L & Tromp

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The first Operator show of Embodiment will start with resident RON L he will take care of the first hour. After being around on the dancefloors for 3 years RON L found his passion for DJing and wanted to share it with others. As a beginning artist he was eager to take the next step which was to DJ at an actual event. Amsterdam-based Orphic gave him the opportunity to take this step at their second event in June 2019. From this day a bond was formed between the two organisations and therefore we felt that we could grow this bond even further by inviting one of their resident DJ's Tromp for this first Operator edition. Over the years, Tromp has managed to develop his own sound. His balanced record choice in combination with smooth and layered transitions are the most characteristic of this. In addition, he manages to maintain control which causes a very strong and round dynamic. Enjoy these two hours filled with dancefloor orientated music!