Eauxmar - 01

Eauxmar - 01


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EAUXMAR is a young Dutch/Moroccan musician who evolved into a producer and visual artist. Incorporating the raw organic instrumentation into an electronic undertone has already shown his inquisitiveness for creating captivating sounds that are experimental in nature. His music can is electronic in its foundation that leans towards the jungle/garage space with subtle hints of ethereal melodic elements. The juxtaposition of rigid electronic sound design and raw organic elements intertwine into a blissful emotional take on modern music. Coping with the hardships of being a new artist in this day and age, EAUXMAR has noted that “creativity rather than frustration has sparked a will to truly express all personal memories and characteristics.” When generating new music, EAUXMAR includes samples from his favorite films, books, and artists in a subtle way, allowing his work to be a true and honest reflection of his life. EAUXMAR has previously released his EP, “Juxtaposition,” which has been notably featured in an ad campaign for Apple Watch. On deck for 2022, EAUXMAR will start a new chapter with full-spectrum conceptual projects, to envision the fully tangible music, visual and physical experience.