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Born into a musical family it was clear that Darryl Antunez was bound to make a dent in musical history. Raised by a father who was one of the pioneers in Dutch Hip-hop and still very active in Holland’s Electronic Dance Music scene, it was a no-brainer that D.A. would strive for greatness.

As a youngster the music played by his family around the house influenced him, exposing him to a palette of various styles and it was there that he developed his musical taste. At an early age, he got confronted with hip-hop, garage, house music, soul, R&B, and the harder styles in dance music. Playing around in his father's studio he found out that music, in general, would play a big part in his future. He started playing around with a little keyboard his father gave him and that marked the start of the producer and DJ we now know as Darryl Antunez or as some like to call him: D.A.