Culture Radio by Operator - 01 - January 2023

Culture Radio by Operator - 01 - January 2023

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Culture Radio by Operator - 01 - January 2023

Welcome to a new show curated by Operator that highlights items we find interesting throughout our beloved Rotterdam. Events in the city will guide us through this new actuality program about music, culture, and nightlife.

This edition we will talk with Caterine Baeten from the International Film Festival Rotterdam, we had a quick chat with Ruta Genyte and Mark van Gogh, the creative team from Poing. We get an update from Wouter Marselje and Nicky Rijks from the upcoming venue Time is the new space. The Clone Records monthly staff picks straight from the store at the Raampoortstraat. The second-hand record of the month picked by our hosts Seb and Cara, and of course a recurring update about everything Operator.

Head over to and tune in!

Moderated by Seb Harris and Cara Meyer.