Culture can't live without my Internet Radio -06 [WDKA Elective]

Culture can't live without my Internet Radio -06 [WDKA Elective]


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Students from the Willem de Kooning Academy work together with Operator in an elective to curate their own dedicated cultural subject and program this in a radio format. In this four-hour program different themes, all chosen and researched by the participating students will be transmitted in different radio formats.

1. Ignorance Is Bliss (13:00 - 13:50 CET)
Sometimes, it is better not to know the ins and outs of everything to let discoveries, experiments and dialogues happen.
That is what Hooi-Ying, Harris and Côme, three students from the Willem de Kooning Academy with very different backgrounds, discuss in a show that explores the definition of language and culture.
At the core of the discussion lies our relationship to community and art, but also why would should sometimes let go to witness something unique.

2. Mixed Up (13:50 - 14:30 CET)
Mixed up is a conversation on how being “mixed” affects your relationship with your culture. Featuring fun takes on mixed culture in Rotterdam
Full of thoughts and jokes by Eva Gombar Krishnan, Nayo Sauter and Nisha Arunachalam

3. Don't Believe The Hype?! (14:30 - 15:00 CET)
Do you catch yourself mindlessly scrolling on tik tok, discovering funny videos and new music? We do! In the Operator original show “Don’t believe the hype?!” Nick Ponsioen and Tessa Berkouwer talk about the influence of social media on the music industry. With examples from the hip-hop and techno scene they travel through their own experiences. How did social media change the music scene?

4. How Does Music Change You? (15:00 - 15:40 CET)
In this show we are going to talk about how music influences people and cultures. As three people who have a big passion for music, we understand that music is more than just some lyrics and some sounds. We are going to discuss how our favorite genres have changed movements, clothing and politics throughout the years.
We hope we can inspire you to really listen and experience your music as well.
Enjoy the show!

5. The Good The Bad & The Rest (15:40 -16:20 CET)
Music can sometimes be an overlooked element in film. Join Niels and Ale on their journey to highlight some of film's worst, best and weirdest soundtracks in The Good, the bad and the rest.

6. All Night Long (16:20 - 17:00)
Do you like dancing, cubbing and drinking? In this episode of our podcast we are going to be discussing these topics. Grab a drink and something to eat and enjoy!