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Culture can't live without my internet radio - 03

Culture can't live without my internet radio - 03

thomas fonville

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Students from the Willem de Kooning Academy work together with Operator Radio in an elective to curate their own dedicated cultural subject and program this in a radio format. In this four-hour program different themes, all chosen and researched by the participating students will be transmitted in different radio formats.

12:00 - 12:39 "Ahead of the wave"
by Lukas Wijkamp & Luc Reichardt
12:39 - 13:06"A thousand plateaus of culture"
by Yasemin Kevser & Fleur Wortman
13:06 - 13:56 "Putting lotion on the Emotion"
by Hugo Häkkinen, Dilan Tekin, Stacey Klaasen, Medea Zingerle & Benaiah French
13:56 - 14:36 "Why are you so obsessed with me?"
by Kayleigh Lemmens, Anniek Pierik & Quinty Willems
14:36 - 15:17 "LBGT-EQ"
by Keo, Floor Verhulst, Emme Dijkhuis & Eli Hooper
15:17 - 16:00 "Inspiration station"
by Lulu Linders, Zeeger Carpaij, Victoria McGuire, Iris Bos