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CBK R'DAM x TENT X Operator Talks - 02

CBK R'DAM x TENT X Operator Talks - 02

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CBK Rotterdam x TENT x Operator Talks

Streaming live from 'Time is the new space': The second broadcast of a new collaboration between CBK Rotterdam, TENT and Operator, will take place on July 1st. During this broadcast, Operator moderators will have an informal conversation with makers and curators who collaborate with CBK Rotterdam or exhibit at TENT about their work.

  • Maurice Meewisse & Victor Santamarina
    (CBK R’DAM)
  • Kevin Osepa, Koes Staassen
  • Jay Tan & Geo Wyeth
  • Judy van Luyk & Lili Lu
    (CBK R'DAM)
  • Katayoun Arian & Natalia Sorzano

CBK Rotterdam
Out of love for the arts, CBK Rotterdam works to improve art and the city. Their main goal is to create a lively art-scene here in Rotterdam. To achieve that goal, they make exhibitions and do events in TENT, and support art in public space through BKOR and Sculpture International. With Art Office, CBK Rotterdam supports artist in Rotterdam with their professional practice.