Cardboard Lamb Presents - 02 A Cool Wind Blows Between Concrete and Glass

Cardboard Lamb Presents - 02 A Cool Wind Blows Between Concrete and Glass

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Cardboard Lamb Presents is a radio show that takes an idea, a feeling, or a visual theme as its compass and assembles layers of music, film clips, and poetry together to create a sonic home for these ideas to rest in. It does not aim to please, but to lull, to comfort, and to transport somewhere very far away. It is ideally listened to alone. In bed, on a foggy night, whilst cycling, or accompanied by a strong cup of coffee.

Episode 2 centers around the feeling of winter in a city made of glass. Huge gusts of wind soar through corridors between skyscrapers. Waking up in the middle of the night to a storm battering your windows, rain-bearing down, and wiping the pavement clean. The grace and emptiness of the morning after. It channels the ambiguity and clandestine warmth that accompanies the season: the solitude of the shelter you have created for yourself, alone, or with loved ones.

This mix is more delicate than the last and includes more contemporary, local music – music released on Elena Colombi’s lovely label, Osaré Editions, Dim Garden, Caline with C on Traumgarten, some Knekelhuis and Music from Memory. This is mixed in with IDM, experimental classical compositions, film scores, and excerpts from films by Agnès Varda and Robert Bresson.