Cardboard Lamb Presents - 01 Oh Kut Het Regent

Cardboard Lamb Presents - 01 Oh Kut Het Regent

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Cardboard Lamb Presents is a radio show that takes an idea, a feeling, or a visual theme as its compass and assembles layers of music, film clips, and poetry together to create a sonic home for these ideas to rest in. It does not aim to please, but to lull, to comfort, and to transport somewhere very far away. It is ideally listened to alone. In bed, on a foggy night, whilst cycling, or accompanied by a strong cup of coffee.

Episode 1 is a reflection of the last few months of Rotterdam - a dark autumn, followed by a heavy winter - the gloom and existential dread hanging in the air like a heavy fog. This mix is an expression both of the dullness and apathy of the season, and the urgency it instills.

It ties in Belgian cassette wave, French library music, a Fellini soundtrack, recited poetry of Anna Akhmatova, Swiss mountain-wave, Japanese cold wave, Slovenian wave. What’s wave again?