Last Minute - 01 w/ Bluntspeakers & Nevill Mitchell

Last Minute - 01 w/ Bluntspeakers & Nevill Mitchell

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Bluntspeakers Jeff (his real name) was always busy with music. After a study in music production, history and theory it all made even more sense that this is his thing. His sound today is best to be described as a mix of different cultures, inspired by hip-hop, house, wave, soul, and punk.

Back in 2007, Nevill decided he wanted to share his musical findings with the rest of the world. Along with a small group of friends he then started MOOVMNT.COM.They put in a lot of time and effort to gain its international status as one of the leading websites in beats and future sounds. Apart from this Nevill has been endorsing vinyl with Osman Bas and other friends, organizing the legendary Analog party’s. Since 2014 he is the co-owner of the mythical First Floor venue somewhere in Rotterdam. Nevill will mostly play all vinyl sets containing uplifting sounds from dubby disco cuts and post-punk to spiritual jazz.

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