Black Currant ESNS Sonic special - 19

Black Currant ESNS Sonic special - 19

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Black Currant is an all-female three-piece from the Netherlands, formed out of the shared desire to do things their own way. Together they do interviews and photoshoots, make zines, host events, and DJ.

Just like any other January BLACK CURRANT is starting out 2022 with the festival that lures us to the north of the Netherlands to see some of Europe’s most promising bands, to the city where eierballen are our favorite midnight snack for four days: ESNS Festival. The upcoming edition won’t take us to Groningen but will take place online – from January 19 to 22 – and today we invite Oskar Strajn, the man behind booking the European acts, to join us in the Operator studio. Expect to hear Oskar’s tips for BLACK CURRANT’s most ugly, sparkly, sticky, messy and shiny listeners out there and our most memorable bands from previous editions. It’s a ESNS Sonic special