45/33 Radio Takeover - 04

45/33 Radio Takeover - 04

45/33 radio

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Live from Barcelona, a 5 hour takeover by bar 45/33
This is the final broadcast in a series of four. Today's program:

17-18h Dave Bridge
Dave Bridge has experience in various radio stations located in Barcelona and throughout the whole Spain: Radio Nacional de España,, scannerFM.. It's responsible for the schedule of your 45/33 Radio station.

18-19 Fantastic Acid
“Ivet Barbero is Fantastic Acid's main purpose is to spread electronic music and everything related to it. A musical journey with the perfect combination of acid, electro, breaks and everything in between, from its beginnings to the present day”.

19-20h Dafunkas
“Tape Selektor is a radio show hosted by Carlos aka Dafunkas, who digg deep in the music industry to find the most underground electronic music labels and show you what they do, how they do and what they are planning for the future”.

20-21h Max Headroom
Max Headroom is Raul Gayo, co-founder and executive director of Ombra Festival. In session he describes himself into obscure electro, darkwave, EBM, industrial atmospheres, nineties influences with a wide open range of sounds and music culture. At the same time he is the co-founder of Ombra Festival a new darkwave event which is also linked with his partner’s label Oráculo Records, they both were created in Barcelona, home city of this great artist.

21-22h Dj Bruce Lee
Rhythm Control Gang is the DJ Bruce Lee radio show. In this program, DJ Bruce Lee will show us the latest news that just arrived in his store, Rhythm Control Barcelona along with promos or unreleased tracks from his colleagues. The program will also feature guest DJs connected to the store or just Bruce's friends. The sound will be mostly electronic but is open to any style.