45/33 Radio Takeover

45/33 Radio Takeover

45/33 radio

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Live from Barcelona, a 5 hour takeover by bar 45/33
This is the first broadcast in a series of four. Today's program:

5-6pm | Uroz
Ambiente Familiar is the first radio show hosted by Adrián Uroz, a well-known DJ in Barcelona's underground scene as a resident of the Moog Club. This new space aims to
bring a versatile and varied musical selection in session mode, showing discoveries and personal influences beyond dance music. From dub to leftfield, from electronica to indie pop and from industrial to rock or ambient and noise each month broadcasting from the epicenter of the Raval.

6-7pm | Egyptian Greyhound presents… Mumbo-Jumbo
Mumbo-Jumbo will be a radio podcast without electronic music limits. It is not pretend to be an intellectual music radio program, nor a podcast made by diggers. Mumbo-Jumbo is a program focused on making the public enjoy themselves through the waves. That said, anyone who knows their commander, Egyptian Greyhound aka Telexketch, knows perfectly well that tastefully selected records will be the leitmotiv. As usual, Italo, Disco, Cosmic, House, Acid, Balearic… will be mixed into the shaker.

7-8pm | Me No Pause
Amateur selector and scattered apprentice, abducted by a wide spectrum of sounds, from the most badass blackness to electronic corners and dark low BPMs. This Dj from Cantabria carries her suitcase through the city subway from Olivia Vermutería to other great little havens like Garage 442, La Filomena, Salvadiscos, Switch Bar, Freedonia, Bajo Fondo…and many others strongholds of musical freedom.

8-9pm | DJ Watusawa

Our dutch man in Barcelona has also a program on our neighboring radio station (also in Raval) and is responsible for two tape labels like Zona Watusa and Selvamancer. In his radio shows you can hear something like industrial dubs, electro, west coast sound of Holland and acid house. Tubing down the sonic wormhole!

9-10pm | Pol Etxebe
Álex Heras is Fari Urune but also Pol Etxebe, a real basque Dj behind the Vinilarium Record Store project. From time to time his alter ego Pol Etxebe loads the suitcase with some records from his huge collection and takes them out for a walk through one of the booths in the city… His natural habitat is in the Vinilarium record store of the most famous Galleries in Barcelona.